365 Days Later… SEO Really Works

SEO Really Works

At first it was a busy week.

Then it became a priority shift in my life.

Then forgetfulness.

There are a number of reasons why I haven’t written a post on my blog for 365 days.  The biggest reason I settled on (and carried me to this day) was to test the ability my blog had in sustaining traffic by itself.  I knew this wouldn’t be easy since my blog hasn’t had a lot of consistency in topic, nor a lot of time to build traffic and readership (I actively blogged for a mere three months).  In those three months I wrote a total of 39 blog posts.  In those three months I received 79 comments (31 of which are from me).  And, throughout those three months, I took simple active steps in improving the SEO of my blog. (For you non-internet junkies, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it means that I did specific things, added specific words, and performed specific tasks on my site in order for it to show up easier and better on search engines)

I was not expecting this:

In the past 365 days, without a single post or comment written on my blog, and zero promotion on my part (social media or otherwise) – I literally abandoned my blog – I achieved the following numbers:

  • 1391 Visits
  • 1170 Unique Visitors (DIFFERENT people)
  • 3691 Pageviews
  • A bounce rate of 9.13% (The average bounce rate for most websites and blogs is 40%)
  • 58.95% of those visits (820 visits) came from search engine referrals (In other words, people found my website PURELY from the help of a search engine like Google or Yahoo)

To some of you, those numbers don’t mean anything.  I have friends like @loswhit who get 50,000 visitors to their sites on a monthly basis.  Someday.  But, for someone like me, who doesn’t yet have much of a “following” or anything like that… someone who spend a mere three months on their blog… and then proceeded to ignore it completely for a year.  I gathered almost 1400 VISITS!  That is about 115 visits per month; 3.8 visits PER DAY!  I did nothing… and I had 3-4 people visiting my blog on a daily basis.


SEO.  I followed a systematic approach to organizing my blog, writing my posts, and doing the right things in the right places at the right times in order to ensure my website showed up in Google when someone searched for something.  Were any of my “top search terms” ones I would hope to achieve, and did I show up as the first result?  No and no.  I didn’t expect that, since I didn’t put anything into it.  But the simple fact that I did something, and got something in return… that’s cool.

  1. If you want help improving the SEO on your website or blog, give me a call.  I’m not an expert, but I definitely understand the principles and systems that can help your website grow.
  2. I’m back!  For the two of you (thanks mom and dad) who were just waiting for me to post again… the time is now among us.
  3. My blog will be morphing and changing as I rediscover my inner-blogger and figure out where I want to go with this thing.  Thanks for sticking around.

Do you have an SEO story to share?  I know my friend @billsvoboda has some good SEO stories!

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