How Will You Change The World? #happy2012

Happy New Year 2012!

This post goes out at precisely the exact moment that this world turns 2012 (or, at least, when the CST time zone crosses the timeline into the year). New Years Day is a big day for lots of people.  It’s the last day of ‘the Holiday season’ and the beginning of a new year. People…

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His Light Casts No Shadow (Take Heart – Lyrical Love)

His light casts no shadow - Lyrical Love

In a time full of Christmas music, and holiday cheer, and family gatherings… there is brokenness still; there is emptiness still; there is loneliness still. We all know people who probably won’t spend any time with their family this Christmas, or receive any gifts, or attend any parties.  The harsh reality of “joyful” times like…

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