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Gungor's new Album 'Ghosts Upon The Earth'

Gungor's new Album 'Ghosts Upon The Earth'

This Wednesday I wrote a reply to a post that Michael Gungor had posted on his own blog a couple of weeks ago.  He had some fairly strong opinions about the Christian Music industry.

But it goes without saying that Gungor has made a huge impact in the Christian Music industry with his latest release, Ghosts Upon The Earth.  One of my favorite songs on the album is called The Fall, of which the album title is derived from.  Let’s take  a look at the lyrics and dive into them a bit:

The fall, the fall, oh God the fall of man
The fruit is found in every eye and every hand
Nothing there is nothing yet in truest form
We walk like ghosts upon the earth
The ground it groans

How long, how long will you wait
How long, how long till you save us all, save us all

Turn your face to me

The light, the light
The morning light is gone
And all that’s left is fragile breath in failing lungs
The night, the night
The guiding night has come
Uniting lover with his bride
More precious than the dawn

How long must we wait

Turn your face to me

This is such a powerful song, but it’s somewhat hard to understand.  What does it mean that we are ‘ghosts upon the earth?’  Well, I’m glad you asked, because Michael explains this song, and the album in a video they posted on YouTube.  Following is an excerpt from that video that highlights his thoughts on the lyrics of this song:

“Sometimes we think of these ideas like God, and love, and heaven, and… you know, the ethereal ideas that we have as kind of the… the more ghostly, less concrete real ideas… and we think of ourselves as the concrete reality.  And this… kind of calls it under question and… say ‘What if we’re more like the ghosts walking upon the earth… longing to become real.” (source)

As humans it is so easy for us to put ourselves on pedestals, and yet we think of God as this mystical confusing “presence” that we attempt to communicate with.

That is so far from the truth.

God is truth.  God is love.  God IS.  And we are merely humans.  What is mystical and confusing is how we can mess up a very simple truth: that God loves His children, and wants to have relationships with them.  That’s us.

Let us cry out, from the top of our voices: TURN YOUR FACE TO ME!

What are your thoughts on  Gungor’s most recent album?

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