The Long and Short of it: Wedding & Honeymoon STORIES!!!

Would you believe it… me and April are FINALLY married.

It took nearly 4 years of ups and downs, ins and outs… but here we are, newlyweds. But let me tell you… it was a wild ride getting to where we are now! Here’s just a couple fun stories from our wedding/honeymoon:


*40+mph winds, knocked our tent over, SHREDDED our paper lanterns, and CHAOS ENSUED…

*Luckily, me and April are blessed with AMAZING FRIENDS AND FAMILY who literally put our tent back up, and RE-set up the entire reception area, as well as wiped all the chairs dry. We even had people run to their own homes so they could throw the wet table clothes in their dryer!

*The wedding was only delayed about 20 minutes… and by the time the ceremony started, it was GORGEOUS OUT! 80 degrees, mild winds, BLUE SKY!

*It truly was a blessing… many area homes had power knocked out for hours and trees uprooted. Sure, our tent collapsed and some of our lanterns were ruined… but, with the help of family and friends, everything was put back together, and our wedding was a success!

*The food, decorations, music… it was all perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding (minus all the chaos beforehand).

*But really, all that chaos caused us to appreciate the good weather (AND OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS) that much more.


After the wedding, we drove back to a Minneapolis hotel by the airport, so we could catch an early-morning shuttle to the airport.

When we woke up at 4AM, I checked my voice mail… I got a call at 2AM THAT MORNING that our 7AM flight had been canceled due to mechanical error, and we were going to have to wait A WHOLE DAY for the next available flight, which was the same time the next day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?

We ended up spending an extra $800 to take a flight with another carrier that same day (otherwise, we would’ve had $200 wasted on the hotel room in Puerto Rico, and $200 for another night in the hotel room in Minneapolis)… so $1500 out of our pockets.

That left us with about $1500 left… besides our wedding checks, and INCLUDING wedding cash, that was all the money we really had left.

Well… when we got to our hotel in Puerto Rico… we got this news: WE NEVER PAID FOR OUR HOTEL ROOM!

This wouldn’t be an issue, except… WE THOUGHT WE DID!!! I guess this is just a testimony to how HECTIC life can get the few months leading up to your wedding. We gave the hotel our credit card number, and somehow that caused us to think that we paid for the room… but obviously we never got charged for it (yea, we’re pretty much amazing at keeping track of our money).

So… after paying for our $1300 hotel room (6 nights), we literally had $200 to spend for a whole week. That would be fine if we didn’t have to buy food… but nothing came wiht our room except a small pool.

Luckily, my mom was able to cash a couple of our wedding checks that we left at home for us, so we were able to at least eat while we were there (I didn’t get my spa treatment that I had hoped for!)

Long story short? God is good. Despite all our setbacks and crazy stories, we knew that God was with us every step of the way. We still enjoyed our amazing honeymoon, and I even got a bit sunburnt! We had AN UNFORGETTABLE wedding… on more than one account! But all in all… the only thing that matters is: we are married, we are happy, and WE ARE IN LOVE!


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